Complex Web Development for Social Media Company

Allerion Solutions had a 14 month engagement with an innovative social media company. The project involved using the Scrum framework to lead an intensive web site enhancement process for a site with approximately 10,000 users that was looking to scale the site to have the capacity to handle 30,000 users.

Throughout the course of the project, Allerion Solutions personnel worked with the product owner to understand to-do items and put them in the backlog. We worked with the product owner to also understand priority items. Once the items to be worked on and priority were established, we worked with the development team to coordinate the best approach for accomplishing these tasks. This approach was achieved by holding regular stand-up meetings to review this work and ensure that all team members were fully synchronized in terms of the work to be accomplished.

Project work was managed using project management software that was fully accessible to all team members. The software clearly re-inforced the information communicated to the team during the stand-up meetings as far as the work to be done and the priority of that work. Additionally, during this project, Allerion Solutions project manager also served in the capacity of testing all work submitted by the development team to ensure it met the specifications communicated by the product owner.

In the end, the website enhancements were completed successfully and the company is well positioned to handle the accelerated growth it expects in the next 6-12 months.