IT Telecom Upgrade for Financial Services Company

Allerion Solutions was recently engaged to work on a IT Telecom upgrade for a financial services company. The project duration was approximately 12 months and included the following objectives:

  • Replace and upgrade 12 Telecom servers that were running on older server hardware as well as Server 2003, which was at end of support
  • In conjunction with the server upgrades, the voicemail system was to be upgraded at a number of offices, impacting about 500 employees
  • Also as a result of the server upgrades, the call recording software also needed to be upgraded

To accomplish these goals, Allerion Solutions led the team through the following activities:

  • Worked with the project team as well as company executives to understand activities required to accomplish goals as well as all relevant business considerations to minimize any disruptions as a result of the Telecom changes
  • Created process maps to identify current process for call recording process to ensure that all current business functionality and process would be maintained with the new system and thereby minimize the learning curve that the business users might encounter
  • Held weekly meetings with the internal project team and reviewed the project plan against the progress made
  • Held weekly meetings with the vendor’s project team to measure actual progress versus planned progress
  • Maintained regular communication with the vendor to ensure that tasks were on track and worked with vendor team members to coordinate resource allocation and the resolution of issues that came up
  • Regularly communicated with senior leadership across multiple business units to advise of project status, critical risks, and key issues
  • Led the team through the implementation and cut-overs for each of the servers; Provided all communication templates for the business users to ensure they were aware of the changes and understand the escalation process